It’s A Shambles

Some days are diamonds and some days are just a bloody shambles. In this blog I will be exploring my futile attempts to create order from chaos, raise respectable children, earn a living that will at least pay the bills and somewhere in between have some sort of LIFE.

Unfortunately, I don’t fit into the successful blogger category, I’m not young and thin with photogenic babies, a pristine home, celebrity friends and a burning desire to share with the world.

I’m more frumpy mummy than yummy mummy, my kids are older which throws up a whole new series of challenges, my home is an unfinished wannabe McMansion that didn’t quite make it and I’m taking to blogging because after 10 years at home I returned to the workforce to discover that many jobs now require you to be savvy at social media, websites and blogging, so here I go.

To begin with I’m breaking the number one rule of blogging, find a topic you love, focus your blog, become an expert in your field and share your expertise. Instead I’m offering a schizophrenic mess of thoughts, rantings, ravings,  stories, photos, before/after shots of trying to finish Shambles Manor and hopefully along the way I’ll gain some skills. While readers (if I ever get any) will have a smile or at least feel a little better about their own lives (we’re not in as big a mess as them sense of satisfaction).

Welcome to my foray into the blogging world.


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