The Week That Was

Looking at the news that happened last week.

Tax Summit – the pollies and assorted hangers-on gathered in Canberra to discuss the state of the Australian tax system.  The two-day talk fest may or may not generate changes to the amount of tax we pay or the way we pay it,  but  in our household the tax refund cheques hit the bank account.  Where they stayed for a whole, I dunno 15 minutes. By the time the orthodontist, the local council and the electricity company took their cut (well got their bills paid) there was a grand total of $15 left – let’s go splurge!

Steve Jobs – the co-founder of Apple passed away. Considering the impact on the world of his inventions he really did make huge changes to the way we gather, process and transmit information. A man who did change the world as we know it. Left me pondering what legacy may be left on my passing?  Too old to retrain for a medical career so saving lives is out of the question. Not enough brainpower to invent anything. Essentially a major portion of my life has been devoted to raising children.  So basically they are going to have to be my legacy.  Now if they turn out to be serial killers or dope fiends I’m really screwed.

The Slap – hit our tv screens.  The adaptation of the Christos Tsiolkas’ novel had everyone talking, tweeting and writing in.  The suburban backyard barbie ended by someone slapping a misbehaving four year old (who wasn’t their child) set off the great debate of whether it is ever OK to slap a child. Breastfeeding also became in an issue when said misbehaving four year old was still getting a boobful (twice in this episode).  Funny to think such issues no longer relevant to my life, it’s difficult to smack a child who is almost as tall as you, and both children have been drinking out of cups for some time now. But it was pleasing to see some great acting and although the characters remain unpleasant I think I’m going to like them on the screen a little more than I did in reading the book.

That’s the week as it was, looking forward to seeing what might be making news this week.

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