At The Lighthouse

Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie.

Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie, photo David Fitzpatrick

9 thoughts on “At The Lighthouse

    • My brother has just starting taking photographs and for someone with no training he gets pretty amazing results. It’s the sun in the photo. He took about 15 shots that morning and in this one happened to catch the sun peeping around the lighthouse at just the same time the light swung around as well.

      • 1stly Sis, God luv ya…..but “just started taking photographs”, please….i worked for newspapers & magazines for 16yrs & ALWAYS did my own shots (i did’nt trust the papers photographers)…..& yeah all that work was boring product & feature article shots….but you are right, for the 1st time i’ve had to buy my own equipment, & i am learning how to use it….its good to be able to work on MY shots now, using natures light, its so much cooler than a flash….(I Hate the Flash) …..but thanks for the rap Sis & feel free to start selling my non-professional work……
        ps…..when is mum coming home? i forget??????

      • So the salesman at the newspaper took a few shots of canned goods and used cars and that makes you a professional? OK we’ll go with that, all future references will say “professional photographer”. Your mum is flying Qantas tomorrow so she may not be getting home … you may have to put the camera down and drive to Sydney to get her. Goodnight.

  1. @Sis, glad we got some clarification on the photography side of things…..however, “professional photographer”, mmm, this doesn’t sit too well even for me…..maybe “semi-pro”, that way if there is a flaw in my shots (which there ALWAYS is) i can fall back & just say i’m “semi-pro”…..yep, semi-pro is ok……..& thanks for the heads up on when mum gets home, & yes i remembered to pick her up from the airport…even though i was 15mins late i was just allowing for the Qantas baggage handlers strike while winning the feature on the Indian machine at the RSL club….never the less, Bet is home & happy… right…..

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