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Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is to show your interpretation of Family.

It would be nice to have the time to style together a beautiful artistic shot of our family, but at the end of the day, life is really just a series of ordinary snapshots.

Photos clicked on the run, or groups gathered together at the big celebrations of life.

Moments captured, but more important than the photo itself, are the memories it sparks.

The family holiday snap reminds us of losing my dad just before the holiday, and discovering my husband needed a heart bypass because he first noticed his symptoms during that trip. Yet for the children it’s a photo of a special time when they had Mum & Dad’s undivided attention and got to explore an island of amazing natural beauty.

The Christmas shot – always a debacle. Trying to get that many individuals looking at the camera, being sensible, smiling on cue – a nightmare. Yet year in, year out we do it. Happy thoughts but also a lasting record of the faces who are no longer here to line up.

The family far apart and the efforts needed to gather together to celebrate the intertwined relationships.

The sisters – frozen in a moment of sisterly love – where the fights over who gets the front seat, or the last biscuit are forgotten.

Nothing spectacular just an ordinary family, snapping away, recording the growth of children, the trips taken, the laughs enjoyed.

A Bit of Colour In A Gray Day

Feeding the Rainbow LorikeetsThis morning it  is  gray and raining  in Port Macquarie.

However, we got a little bit of colour in our day when these Rainbow Lorikeets decided to pay a visit.

Interesting to note that when the children were little this would have been very exciting, now, not so keen.

Although it did prompt happy memories of other Rainbow Lorikeets in our backyard in Brisbane.

Eventually, they did come out on the deck to take a look, so maybe they aren’t completely over the “look at the birdies” stage.

Lights, Camera, Action, “The Family” is on TV

Imagine for a moment your house has 35 remote-controlled cameras strategically placed throughout. Sitting in a booth somewhere are producers and editors who, after recording every moment of your life for three months, carefully piece it together to make what they hope will be entertaining television. Continue reading