Letter to My Daughters

Dear Girls

At fourteen and eleven you probably aren’t at all interested in what your mum has to say on anything, but I want to take a moment to offer you some advice as you journey through the joys, bumps and roadblocks of life.

First, be brave. Take a risk or two. Don’t be afraid to take on a challenge. Don’t always opt for the comfortable choice, the uncomfortable one will sometimes bring the bigger reward.

Then don’t worry about what other people think (even me) stay true to what you believe, what you know is right and bugger everyone else’s opinion.

Love lots. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are, ditch the ones who want to change you. It’s also especially important to find a bloke who adores you.  No problem is too big when standing beside you is a man who basically thinks you are just fantastic (he may find you irritating, frustrating and confusing at times, but that’s OK if he starts from a base of admiration).

When times get tough (and god knows they will) stay calm, no matter how bad things look there is always a solution, you just have to figure it out.

Most important of all, have fun, keep laughing, create good times. Without humour the whole journey would be unbearable.

Lots of love & laughter Mum xxooxx


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