When the pressure’s on

I don’t usually struggle for topics to blog about, but this morning the clock is ticking and the brain is freezing.

I’m off to the Gold Coast to attend Wordcamp a conference on using the web platform WordPress.

Still a babe-in-the-woods when it comes to this whole blogging thing I signed up to go to this conference before I had even published a single blog. On the application form it asked for your level of experience in WordPress – nil didn’t look good – but I mustn’t have been the only one because they have created a “low-tech track” series of speakers – hopefully they will speak in a language I can understand.

Anyway, because I am going to be away for (gulp) four days, I have to pre-plan my posts, because lets not forget I’m committed to a post a day for NaBloPoMo. So I’m hoping I’ve figured out the whole scheduling posts thing and while I am trapped at Bond University struggling to understand SEO, HTML, and the rest you will be having this fascinating piece of stellar writing ping into your inbox.

I’m not even thinking about the NaNovWriMo only days in and I’m falling behind on my 2000 words a day.  I’m hoping to get a few thousand in on the plane – hope I don’t get a talkative passenger beside me – I’ll have to explain I’m busy writing a NOVEL.

Anyway, usually I perform well under pressure, but this morning, with one child unhappy with my going away, the other trying to organise what she’s doing on the weekend, my bag still to pack, and my head way away in another place I’m wondering if it is a good thing to try to stretch yourself.

My life would be easier if I wasn’t trying to learn new things, complete a series of challenges and keep a family on track. Should I have just been happy with the status quo? This morning it does seem like that would have been the better way to go. I really hope I look back on this from a position of success and say “of course it was worth it”, it’s gunna be a real b**** if I fail after all this!

I hope you are all having a great day.

One thought on “When the pressure’s on

  1. Hi Janine,
    I hope you learn a ton while you are away! Good for you for going. It IS hard being away from your family, but worth it for the learning.


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