What’s In Your Handbag?

My favourite part of the last Harry Potter movie was Hermione’s handbag which managed to magically contain every item they needed in their great battle. It was the moment when we knew Hermione had grown up to be a woman. Lugging around thousands of items which might, one day, be needed to save the day.

In a sign of just how desperate I am to get a post up before I head out for a day of running around after children I am sharing the contents of my handbag.

Over at the Facebook page for 702 Radio the Afternoon Producer was forced to display the contents of her handbag – amongst other things she was carting around were her 3 year old daughter’s crocs and ballet leotard.

Now my handbag has long been an issue for my husband, he calls it The Tardis, and believes items head in never to be seen again.

However, I would like it noted that in my handbag whenever we go out is HIS phone, HIS keys, HIS wallet.

Similarly, my youngest daughter tends to load up my handbag as well, last night it was her jumper and Ipod (missed getting the jumper into the photo).

Today the contents include more make-up than usual (ran out of time to do my make-up before I went to work yesterday so had to do take it with me and do it in the work loo before heading off to a conference).

There’s a video that needs to be returned.

Headache tablets.

Lotto/lottery tickets in the hope that ONE DAY my numbers will come in.

School newsletters,  Creative Memories catalogue, the rent-a-car documents from the trip to the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago (and have to be honest here I did edit the copious amount of bills, newsletters, advertising paraphenalia that were swimming around).

My diary – can’t live without, can’t be lost or we all go to hell in a hand basket. It’s got EVERYONE’S schedule in it.

Stainless steel numbers for the front letterbox we have just put up.

Coke – I know it should be water.

Batteries – you never know when you will need them.

USB lanyard.

Tissues – always useful.

My own keys, of which I only use about five but has 17 on the key ring. I have no idea what they are for, but in my usual compulsive hoarder manner I can’t get rid of them because that will be the day I remember one of them was for the bank safe holding all our important documentation and an incredible fortune I had forgotten about.

What do you have stashed in your handbag today?


7 thoughts on “What’s In Your Handbag?

  1. What a fun post! What is up with women and handbags? I can’t decide if I should use a really small one, so as to limit myself, or a huge one with a hanging file inserted.

    I have a really cute black and white oil cloth I’m using now, and I’m using it only because it’s cute. It is so not functional. It’s just one big rectangular sack in which I can find nothing.

    see ya!

  2. I tried carrying a smaller one but then found myself stuffing things into shopping bags – and lugging them around as well – I was really starting to resemble a bag lady! So I went back to bigger and yes everything goes to the bottom and I can never find anything.

  3. I love this.
    I have a two year old. To say I identify with shambolic living is an understatement.
    I once turned up at work with my home phone in my bag as well as a bottle of baby milk I’d forgotten to hand over to the Childminder… It might have been the same day.

  4. Questions from children looking over my shoulder…
    K – how can you fit all that in your handbag?
    A – why does she put that on the internet? you can’t take it back…
    K – does she have coke everyday in her bag?
    A – why does she have two phones?
    (hope they don’t look in my handbag)

  5. Yeeks! I wish I could show a pic of all the stuff I carry everyday…
    I usually carry my “cute” bag and also carry a tote (coordinating of course) with holds tons of “essentials” such as an umbrella, my iPad, etc.

    Good idea! Let’s play what’s in our bags!

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