A Bit of Colour In A Gray Day

Feeding the Rainbow LorikeetsThis morning it  is  gray and raining  in Port Macquarie.

However, we got a little bit of colour in our day when these Rainbow Lorikeets decided to pay a visit.

Interesting to note that when the children were little this would have been very exciting, now, not so keen.

Although it did prompt happy memories of other Rainbow Lorikeets in our backyard in Brisbane.

Eventually, they did come out on the deck to take a look, so maybe they aren’t completely over the “look at the birdies” stage.


9 thoughts on “A Bit of Colour In A Gray Day

  1. Oh my goodness – those are some seriously beautiful birds! I’ve posted about our pet budgies (all nine of them!) on my blog, and we get lovely black capped chickadees, bluejays and doves on our back doorstep, but nothing so wildly colourful as what you enjoy in your part of the world. My boys will love this when I show them!

  2. These beautiful birds were my favorite while visiting your brother almost 2 years ago…noisy little things woke me up every morning and much to David’s dismay that meant I was awake and ready to hit Port’s beautiful beaches for our daily early morning walks…you are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place! ;’)

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