Blog Design – Questions and Queries

Excuse the playing around with themes, I’m just trying a couple more of the free templates, while I debate the pros and cons of moving from to

So many decisions, my head hurts.

The blog has cost me nothing yet – but moving to .org does involve the outlay of a few dollars, I also think I will need a techno person to help with the transfer/design a better looking header/blog etc.

Spoken to a couple of local IT people one doesn’t use WP at all, the other has for a few projects, but charges an hourly rate (so you don’t know for sure how much it will end up being, although I’ve told him how much I’m willing to spend)  I know there are designers on the web that do really good WP packages, many of whom include the design of a header in the package, but was trying to support local people.

Has anyone done this whole .com to .org thingo? Did you get a designer package deal?

Sorry for the rambling post which is of no interest to anyone who doesn’t (a) blog or (b) work in wordpress.


5 thoughts on “Blog Design – Questions and Queries

  1. I started building a wordpress site but got so confused and frustrated that I went back to blogger. My new header was designed by another student from BYW that I met in the forum and didn’t cost me anything. Are you a member on the Facebook BYW group? I’m sure this question has been asked a few times there..check it out could be helpful Janine.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  2. I’ve built a bunch of blogs and websites using, including my own, and am intrigued as to the reasons for your move to The functionality offered by some of the .com templates is amazing (I’m using Linen for a new site right now and love the options it offers). If you want to bounce ideas off of someone, I don’t mind. I’m at info AT foilmedia . ca

    • Thank you, I will take you up on that offer. My reasoning for moving to .org was there were some elements of .com I was finding frustrating ie I would like to have Google Analytics to give a bit more info on the stats of people visiting the blog, and there are so many parts of a theme you can’t change for instance in my last theme Dusk to Dawn I couldn’t lighten the colour of the sidebar which I felt was too dark. You can purchase the CSS but I didn’t feel confident in knowing what to do once I had the code. (Which of course will be an issue going to .org and why I need a techno person to help with the transition and hopefully set it up in way that I won’t need much code afterwards). I’m still debating what to do – there are so many options – I just know my blog isn’t looking quite right yet and I need to figure out how to make it look better.

      • Happy to discuss these issues further via email when you have a moment; you’re observation about CSS is quite right, but I can make some suggestions.

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