Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

Poor old Chandler is the most patient dog in the world.

In the eight years we have owned him he has been:

  • Dressed up in doll’s clothes.
  • Wheeled around in the doll’s stroller.
  • Taken for tricycle rides in the back tray.
  • Swaddled in blankets like a newborn and “put to bed”.
  • Hidden in an assortment of hidey holes and tiny spaces while playing “hide and seek”.

To name but a few of the countless indignities he has had to endure.

But the most popular game by far has been playing in old boxes in the backyard.

He’s been taken on adventures on the high seas, played schools in the carton cubbyhouse and driven in the big bus on many occasions.

Here, the children have obviously lost interest in whatever the game of the day had been, yet Chandler waits patiently in his cardboard home for their return.


37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

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