And the award goes to …

I’m not an award-winner kind of gal. I think the last award I won was a merit certificate for English in Year 10. But it seems in blogging world awards get passed around the blogosphere in a kind of “luv your work” sort of way. In return you re-distribute the love to other bloggers you admire.  So thank you to Gillian at The Greener Bean for passing The Versatile Blogger award onto me.

The responsibilities that come along with the award:

  • Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 random things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 fellow bloggers and let them know about it!
  • Add the award pic to your blog post.

So here goes 7 random things about me (as if I haven’t shared enough already):

  1. My first two years of life were spent on a pig farm.
  2. The next two living in a service station.
  3. I love a good baked dinner.
  4. I hate exercise but am gearing myself up to start doing it in order to dislodge 15 kilos of weight accumulated through years of inactivity.
  5. My favourite colour is purple.
  6. My favourite poet is T S Eliot.
  7. I’m trying to dispense with my coulda, woulda, shoulda attitude and actually get some stuff DONE this year.

15 blogs (hereto handing over the award should you choose to accept it).

Mish Mash Make

beauty of everyday life

Paper and Style Co

Sang the Bird

Farmhouse Home


Kid Giddy

Late Bloomer Buds

The Kids Are All Right

Mary C Nasser



Elleby Design

Smile on life

Life of a Phoenix


6 thoughts on “And the award goes to …

  1. Aw Janine, thank you for including me and congrats on your award. I’m not much for going through the paces of winning an award, but I will visit the nominees, giving them my heartfelt congratulations, as I am sure I am in amazing company. Such a wonderful way to meet new blogging buds! Thanks again and big hugs, Margie

    • Pleasure Margie, I think visiting the other blogs is a lovely way of using the award (without going through the paces). I very much appreciated the gesture of being given the award but am a little unsure about the process. So many people have been visiting my blog and commenting and I really appreciate everyone’s contribution.

  2. hello janine, congratulations! and thanks. blogging is work, but it is a joy, too. and good for you for getting in the get-it-done mode. one more thing – working out is a habit. it’s hard to get into if you’ve fallen out of it, but it’s great once you get going. don’t expect much at first, but after a month or so of 3x per week, you’ll feel great. (write it on your calendar – check in with noreen about how i feel) joy to you!

  3. How exciting! Thank you for thinking of me, and congratulations to you too! I love reading your blog and am very happy to have met you through blogging. I accept the honour and will be passing it on.
    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Janine, thank you for the award. I think your blog is great too, I always think of you when I see that reality show “The Family” because you did a great blog post about it. I’ll do a post about the award soon. Thanks again, hope you and yours have a great Christmas.

    Catherine x

  5. Thanks for the award Janine. It’s a pleasure to read and comment on your blog because it is so relatable and such an enjoyable read. I’ll do my best to follow those instructions – hopefully BEFORE Christmas 🙂

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