Weekly Photo Challenge – Self Portrait

Fair to say, I hated this week’s photo challenge. Firstly, trying to find a decent photo of myself, VERY DIFFICULT. I was at one point tempted to revert back to my wedding shots, OK they may be 15 years old but with professional hair and make-up I didn’t turn out half bad. I was going to take a current shot, but couldn’t get in to the beauticians to get the eyebrows done  and the hairdresser laughed when I suggested an appointment before Christmas. Given the debacle of my Christmas preparation I  couldn’t even find time to whack on a bit of make-up. In a fit of desperation I thought I’d use my new I-phone (more about that in a future post) to get  a stylishly informal shot this evening. Oh people it was a tragedy, I’m tired and dear Lord it showed.  Wrinkles, flab,bags under the eyes, double chin, every possible defect you could think of all there. All attempts have now been deleted and  after a bit of search I’ve come up with this shot from earlier this year, not my favourite but Mr Shambles voted it as the best out of a bad lot. Mental note. Stop photographing children and get a half decent shot of yourself this Christmas.

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