Christmas Come and Gone

Well it’s over for another year. Christmas come and gone in a mad whirl of shopping, cleaning, cooking, entertaining.

It was hosted for the first time this year at Shambles Manor. We did successfully clear up enough room for people to be able to physically enter the house, OK it was never going to pass any sort of white glove test and the rumour that I was still cleaning out the fridge when the first guest arrived may be true. Nonetheless the day went off well with everyone enjoying themselves.

The children enjoyed their gifts, although I’m still struggling to convince Princess Child the maxi dress is in fashion (she likes short, very short – I’m going to need to be medicated for her teenage years).

There was prawns and oysters and smoked salmon, chicken, turkey and ham. An array of salads. With Pavlova and Trifle to end.

Afterwards there were games – Pictionary, Celebrity Head and Trivial Pursuit.  It’s been a long time since we have purchased a board game, I think the Trivial Pursuit may be an original edition. Vintage even. Our first challenge was the fact the die were missing, luckily Cousin Brett found an app on his I-phone that meant you shook the phone and two little die rolled up with assorted numbers. Gotta love technology. Given the age of our edition it was slightly difficult for the children as most questions related to events circa 1970/1980. It was decided that next year everyone is throwing in to get us a new version.

We managed to get the group shot with a lot less drama than usual.

However, trying to get a nice family shot for “the blog” proved a little more challenging.

But in the end this one will be going on the “About Me” page for 2012.

There were leftovers for tea before everyone headed off into the night.

I hope you all had an enjoyable day as well.


13 thoughts on “Christmas Come and Gone

    • Hippie Child brought the Santa. He’s actually a surfing Santa – he’s holding a surfboard in his other hand but you can’t see it in the photo. I will get Santa Photos somehow even if they won’t pose with the shopping centre Santas anymore! LOL.

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