Weekly Photo Challenge – Winter

Seriously WordPress people you give me a photo challenge for WINTER in the middle of an Australian summer? OK I’ve dug through the archives and located a photo of my brother’s from last year. Every Friday night in the middle of winter a dedicated group of parents support their children’s sporting endeavours by sitting on the sideline for two hours, cheering in support of their soccer games while our toes go numb and we share blankets in a bid to keep warm. OK American/European people with your snow shots I know it doesn’t get as cold as where you are – but seriously Kempsey or Wauchope at 8.00 o’clock at night in the middle of winter is no picnic. Sometimes it even rains!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Winter

  1. It’s almost like they forgot the there a healthy portion of the world with reverse seasons. Hmmm… They should have said “December.” that would have been global. I like the photo though! Of course in Maine that’s what summer looks like ;-p

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