Australian Women Writers Challenge

In honour of 2012 being designated the national year of reading I’m signing up for a new challenge. This one is to read and review books by Australian Women Writers.  I figure if I can’t be an Australian Women Writer I can at least support the ones who have toiled and struggled to finally get into print. It’s called the Australian Women Writers Challenge.  There’s a variety of different levels you can sign up for, but having learnt from my write a novel in 30 days bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew challenge I’ve gone for the easiest option possible -read 3 books, review at least 2 in a variety of genres – baby steps to start but hopefully throughout the year I will read more.

I’ve decided these will be the first three books I tackle.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these books with you.


4 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge

  1. Can I declare it the national year of reading at my house? Would my son go for that? He normally loves to read, but the homework load has made it less appealing and that bums me out.

  2. Have you ever read ‘The Thorn Birds’? I loved it! That’s actually where I got my name; my mom fell in love with the character Meggie. I love Australian authors and wish we got more of their work stateside. So much talent in Australia.

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