Weekly Photo Challenge – Launch

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

My brother captured a dolphin catching a wave on Christmas Day 2011.


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Launch

  1. thanks people, it was the best chrissy day i’ve had in years…..as for this shot, its funny, i hadn’t even spotted the pod of dolphins……my cousin, Bretto spotted them 1st & pointed them out to me….as soon as i locked onto them thru my lense i noticed they were heading into the break…..you could just sense something special was about to transpire……& YES, i was blessed with being in the right place at the right time……it takes your breath away when mum nature plays right in front of you……just really cool…….

  2. amazing. the closest I’ve come to a dolphin in nature is only seeing their fins break the water, and of course didn’t have a camera. How wonderful to be able to catch a photo of a dolpin like that!

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  4. @jbheroneau, i took this shot at a littl’ beach called Delicate Nobby, which is just south of Crescent Head, Mid Nth Coast, NSW, Aust…..One thing i love about going on surf safari with my couz is finding these pristine littl’ beach’s to the north & south i were i live that i never even knew existed…..its been awesome

  5. @Cris, i hardly had time to get the lense cap off, it all happened within a minute of spotting them…..i stayed at the ready for a further 4-5mins after getting the initial shots, but they had already gone further south…..it was’nt till i got back in the car & we were heading to check the surf at another beach, thats i went thru what i had just shot on the back of the camera…..this is when i seen this shot & what i had fluked…..like i said it is the best Christmas Day i have had in years…..

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