9 thoughts on “Search

  1. I saw this first when David posted it on Facebook and already have had it priced out to put on canvas…just waiting for David to send me the file ;’) I actually have a whole series of his pics I want to make into canvas to hang…just love the pics as he captures what I saw when I came to Australia so perfectly. Port really is a little slice of heaven!

  2. funny Sis hit me up for a bird flying away from the camera……enter stage left “Sabastian” the Sea Eagle….him & his missus “Sally” are two resident Sea Eagles that patrol Flynns Beach up to Town Beach & down to Lighthouse beach……i see them just about every day i go to the beach & he was very obliging this morning…. i only had him lense locked for like 2-3 mins following him around the headland past the tree line then he made the perfect right hand turn & flew straight into the sunrise & ‘buzzing’ the rocks on his way…..i could stand there & watch these guys all day, amazing animals……thanks Sabastian!

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