Happy Birthday Princess Child

It’s hard to imagine that 12 years ago today I was wheeled into surgery for an emergency caesarian. Arriving 7 weeks early, weighing only as much as a bag of sugar, it was a relief to final have you here after an anxious 4 weeks of worry. You had a propensity for drama even in the womb!

Your sense of humour was evident from an early age and you quickly caught on that if you could get your Dad to laugh he would forget why he was cross with you. You are the organiser of the family and I know it has been a constant source of frustration for you that the rest of us are so lacking in that department.

Family is important to you and your love and care for those around you is one of your beautiful qualities.

Perhaps starting out small helped you develop tenacity and determination – it doesn’t matter what the problem is you will work hard to overcome it, and always succeed at whatever you have put your mind to.

Happy birthday Princess Child – here’s to a great year ahead.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Princess Child

  1. I missed the actual birthday, but I’ll chime in with a Happy Birthweek to you! What sweet pictures, and timeless sentiments from mom. You’re a good one, Mrs. Shambles!

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