Before I Had Children

English: this is a picture of my Barbie doll

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Before I had children …

I knew good behaviour was just a matter of proper discipline.

I knew sexism and inequality were the result of gender stereotypes inflicted on children by parents – no child of mine was going to play with a Barbie Doll.

I knew consistency was the only sure way to deliver a well rounded individual to the world.

I knew my child would excel at school because I did.

I knew I wasn’t going to allow being a mum to change my life.

I knew you set boundaries and children fell  into line.

I knew parenting wasn’t as hard as people made out – you just had to be organised.

After I had children ….

I knew nothing.

11 thoughts on “Before I Had Children

  1. Oh those ideas once held to be true . . . It takes courage to trust that love and compassion will guide and define my relationship with my daughter as well as my grandchildren.

  2. I have a super-feminist friend who got her daughter a much requested Barbie pinata for her birthday. The daughter: thrilled because it was Barbie. The mom: thrilled because everyone was taking whacks at Barbie!

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