Happy Birthday Hippie Child

Sunday was the 15th anniversary of my becoming a mother.  Hippie Child you arrived at 4.26am on a very dark and rainy night. You cried very little and spent a substantial amount of time lying in your father’s arms looking up at him with big, wide eyes contemplating the world. It was the first sign of your philosophical, dreamer-like nature.

Over the years you grew into a cheeky child, always willing to have a go at anything. Happy climbing the giant gum tree in the backyard.  You took tough situations and made your way through them, developing resiliance and a keen judge of character along the way. You played school yard soccer with the boys, and developed a pretty good boot!

You have grown into a delightful young lady, with the ability to make others laugh with your wit and humour. You have proven to be a thoughtful and caring friend to those around you. Pragmatic and a go-with-the-flow kinda girl you can have a tendency to “zone out” of proceedings. Although we have found in certain circumstances this has worked to your advantage, despite our scant attention to your religious education you do well in that subject, praised for your “reverential” attitude. You and I both know you were daydreaming weren’t you?

You work exceptionally hard for any academic success you achieve and I’m proud of the effort you put in to improve your results each year.

This weekend was a bit of a non-event for a birthday. As I cough up a lung on a daily basis we haven’t been able to organise the birthday parties for you and your sister (but it is coming I promise). Dad and Princess Child tried to add a bit of “special” to the day for you by spending all afternoon making a lime cheescake (you like a bit of citrus). It looked great.

Sadly, as Princess Child got the cheesecake out of the fridge it took on a life of it’s own. Soaring like a frisbee across the room and landing with an upside down splat on the floor.  Your sister cried, your father didn’t know whether to laugh or yell. You, however did all the right things. You hugged your father, assured your sister it had been a beautiful cake and it was just an accident and offered to try to eat it from the floor. You did laugh hysterically throughout the event but we’re ignoring that bit, because I was too.

I hope you have a great year ahead with lots of fun and laughter.


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hippie Child

  1. Happy Birthday “Danni” aka Hippie Child! 2 years ago I was there celebrating your birthdays with you and your sisters and really wish I was there again this year. You really are a sweet remarkable young lady and I hope this year will be a wonderful one for you. :’)

  2. Geez Jeanie, you make me laugh and then you make me cry and then I laugh again. And while you contemplate why your life isn’t extraordinary be assured it certainly isn’t ordinary. We miss and love you all.

  3. Happy Birthday! And happy anniversary of being a mom. 🙂 You really know how to share the best about your daughters… they must feel so loved when they read these.

    The cheesecake incident demonstrates that both of your daughters are gems. What sweeties! Go hippie child, for eating that cake off the floor!

    Hope you’re over your cough soon.

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