You Know You Are A Grown-Up When

  1. You go to the local pub for a drink on a Sunday afternoon and complain the band is playing too loud.
  2. You consider the weather and comfort when choosing your clothes for the day. You begin to think 6 inch heels and a strapless dress may not get you through.
  3. You hear yourself saying “really some of the clothes at Target are great – and very reasonably priced”. Esprit and Country Road become a distant memory from a more affluent time.
  4. You like to be in bed by 9.30pm.
  5. You forget what a sleep-in involves.
  6. You begin to believe there’s no point going out for dinner, you can cook the same meal for a lot cheaper at home.
  7. You sign mortgage papers and it’s not as easy to just “get up and go” when you get bored with a place.
  8. You suddenly realise it’s important to budget.
  9. You suddenly realise there’s no way in hell this income is going to meet these expenses. You ditch the budget and learn to juggle.
  10. You, or someone you love, faces down a serious illness.
  11. You make a will.
  12. You care more about someone else other than yourself.
  13. You bury a parent.

17 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Grown-Up When

  1. I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up I am not a grown-up…. Maybe repeating it will make it so.

  2. number 12 got me. and 13. whew. luckily being a grown-up can have its privileges, too. hmm. i can’t think of one right now – maybe driving? deciding where to go on vacation?

    • Yeah I debated putting number 13 in but in actual fact that was where the post had started from – feeling an awful grownup responsibility when I had to organise my Dad’s funeral a couple of years ago. I think we do have a lot of advantages as grownups – sometimes I feel sorry for our kids who have a lot more pressure nowadays that what we ever had.

  3. My fiance and I were just discussing how pointless it was to eat out. We cook just as well as most restaurants and for much cheaper. Except when you eat, you don’t have to clean up, and that is rather nice. But, that’s what the kids are for, right?

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