Cry Cry Cry

I’m a crier. There I’ve said it. I weep at the drop of a hat and at times it is spectacularly embarrassing. Last night between arriving home from work and going to bed I cried four times. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a sad person, just obviously an overemotional one.

I’ve always had a tendency to tears but pregnancy saw me hysterical a good part of the nine months. The man at the corner store was rude, I cried. The lady at the Post Office was nice, I cried. My husband looked at me, I cried.  Admittedly it eased after the births but I would go on to have a heightened sensitivity to springing the waterworks forever.

Last night the tears began when I tried to write a guest post for Saturday Morning Ogre Mum. She’s put a call out for people to write in with their childbirth and breastfeeding stories. As I wrote about discovering I had placenta previa, the emergency caesarian seven weeks early, the moment when Princess Child arrived and the wait to hear her first cry I welled up … and I’m doing it again this morning … will this never end!

I left the computer to distract myself with a magazine. Where I found the story about a woman diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 weeks pregnant. She survives, only to have a car accident with neck and internal injuries. Then there were several heart attacks from an infection after chemo. Finally she discovers she has secondary cancer in her liver. Her husband has written to the magazine spelling out his love for her and asking for a makeover to help restore her battered self-confidence. The tears drip onto the magazine.

I manage to make it through dinner without sobbing, despite the fact I burn the pie and overcook the vegetables.

I sit down to watch a comedy talk show In Gordon Street Tonight. It’s a COMEDY. Then Kurt Fearnley wheels on. He’s a multiple paraolympic medallist and the reigning Paraolympic and World Champion in the wheelchair marathon. Kurt was born with only half a spine, he’s a very inspiring bloke and funny to boot. Then they show a clip from the 2008 Paraolympics where he’s leading the pack and gets knocked over. Here they come again, ever so slightly the eyes start to tear. It was 2008  – Kurt’s over it – but apparently I’m not! But the kicker is when they show him CRAWLING the Kokoda Track. I’m boo hooing again.

The family is used to my regular crying sessions – tv dramas, commercials, music – anything can set me off. “Mum’s crying again” goes the yell.

I’m useless at farewells – at the school assemblies when the Principal whips out the flowers and says nice words about a departing teacher – I cry. I don’t even have to LIKE the teacher.

Why this over reaction to sometimes quite ordinary situations? How does everyone else manage to get through without the emotion? I’m not depressed. Could it be hormonal? Oh my God not menopause! I’m too young!  There will be some serious crying if that’s the case.


22 thoughts on “Cry Cry Cry

  1. You are blessed with a beautiful soul, that is why you cry. You feel things – and that’s a GOOD thing. You are in touch with humanity. You have empathy. These are all amazing qualities. And it probably makes you healthier than most human beings on this planet. xx

  2. I used to be a crier. I don’t know when that changed, somehow, I can watch movies and hear bad news and scarcely shed a tear. I miss crying. Enjoy your tears, they are healthy.

  3. I cry much more since I’ve had children. I think birth changes you because you are now responsible for someone other than yourself. My most recent cry was watching Doctor Who when Rose was trapped in a parallel universe and so will never be with the Doctor again. As I tried to sob quietly I noticed my daughter A9 was crying too! And then her sister K7 started as well because we were crying. Perhaps it has nothing to do with birth at all, perhaps we all just really liked Rose…

  4. janine – you’re too young for menopause, so you can relax. i’m not a crier, so no advice or information. it’s adorable and sweet. i agree with maggie – your tears are healthy and sweet.

  5. Strangely enough, I cry less since I’ve been through menopause. Actually, I haven’t been through it, I’m in the midst of it. I cry about twice a year, now. I don’t mind the lack of tears. Crying may be good for the soul, but it wrecks havok on the sinuses.

  6. ♪♫ Don’t cry for me Janine Fitzpatrick, the truth is I’m not that weepy. I’m not cold-hearted, I’m just not leaky…♫♪

    OK, that was bad. My hubby’s the one who can make-up songs on a whim. (That was “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina…) OK, I’m done now.

  7. I am brutal about my tearing up. I was driving yesterday and the CBC announced that the morning traffic announcer was retiring and I almost had to pull off the road. He does the afternoon show too and on my way home, I teared up again. I read a lot and can almost predict when I will have those big wet eyes. It’s worse because I read in Starbucks often and have to hide the fact that I am quietly crying over my book in the corner.

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  9. I’m a bad person to ask. I cry all the time as well. I have a friend who hasn’t seen the Notebook yet. I’ve informed her I will start crying 10 minutes into the movie and won’t finish crying until 3 hours after it’s over… I think she thinks I’m kidding. I also cry during most tv sitcoms, really good songs and much much more. I think the people that you care about the most just learn to deal with it… and eventually stop making fun of you and just expect it.

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