Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments

DF has “tagged” me. It’s been many many years since I ran around the school playground getting “tagged” but it seems there is an grown-up, on-line version of playing tag (or “tips” if you are in Australia). Apparently it’s called “Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments”

I have to answer some questions and then tag another blogger.

The 10 Questions

1. Describe yourself in seven words.
A mildly entertaining, loyal, optimistic,  chocolate loving dreamer.

2. What keeps you up at night?
The neighbour’s dog barking. Inspiration for blogging posts which strike just as I’m about to fall asleep. Needing to go to the loo.

3. Whom would you like to be?
Someone with oodles of cash ummmm Nicole Kidman? No scratch that I want to be George Clooney’s latest girlfriend.

4. What are you wearing now?
Thank God I’m doing this in the afternoon after I’ve actually been out.  Tan trousers and hot pink peasanty type shirt which still has a few sneaky specks of tissues stuck to it because I forgot to go through the pockets before I did the wash.

5. What scares you?
Ill health mine or my families. My husband (and my blog readers) have banned me from googling my symptoms any more so hopefully the hypochondria will ease – unless of course I’m REALLY SICK and we won’t know that until I collapse in a heap. Have I told you all about my lung? Oh yes I did.

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?
Best – engaging with people from around the world and getting to write my own stuff every day. Worst – finding the time to fit it in and do justice to each and every post.

7. What was the last website you looked at?

Perfecting Motherhood  stumbled across it through the WordPress photo of the week challenge this morning but got caught up in one of Imperfect Mum’s personal stories – she’s got a lot on her plate at the moment as her husband has had a serious accident.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I would be thinner and richer. (OK that’s two but really is anyone marking this?)

9. Slankets, yes or no?
I have absolutely no idea what a slanket is … someone??? Is this an American thing?

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

DF blogs at She is a 42 year old city slicker who packed up her family to move to the country. Her blog has lovely snowy pictures and coyotes keep her awake at night!!! Coyotes DF? Are you in the middle of the wild, wild west?  Just how rural did you go? DF is a very kind person who works in IT and when I posed questions on my blog about trying to decide on technical stuff she very kindly took the time to email me (a stranger) with helpful suggestions and then answered my confused questions.

Tag, you’re it!
Gotta tag another blogger – I hate doing this – I love all of you and want to recognise each of you but I’m going with Diana Douglas  because Diana’s written a lovely post about her family – her mother sounds like a champion! Now Diana your mission (if you chose to accept) is to repeat the tagging process.


13 thoughts on “Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments

  1. Very nice! I love the reflective questions. I would have had lots of answers like yours! Funny, we are all on different continents, from different families different contexts… yet we are all so similar! Cheers!

      • I love the name “shambolic”, similar to a method I put together called “symbolicoaching”… talk about similar plays on words and combos. You are now starting your day in Australia getting your kids breakfast, we are putting ours to bed here in Italy. Have a great one!

  2. I believe Slankets are a US thing…of which I for one am not proud of!!! It’s a snuggie/blanket to wear and keep you warm but looks like a modern day Friar Tuck robe… minus the bad hairdo… It comes in every awful color combination imaginable. Not cute. So not cute.

    • Now I get it … I think we call them a Snuggie … no don’t have one … although considering our last winter electricity bill was $1500 I may have buy one for each us for the next cold season. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • I will happily send you 2 snuggies both his and hers in matching royal blue! My husband and I can’t wear them around the house no matter how cold it gets… we wouldn’t be able to look at each other all day without laughing our heads off and feeling like slouches 😉

  3. I was so pleased to see that you took this and ran with it Janine! It felt a little weird for me too, but in the end it was great fun. So, how rural are we? Not THAT rural – just 45 minutes out of downtown Ottawa (did you know that Canada’s capital is ridiculously huge in terms of the geographic area it covers, but it only has about 1m souls), on the edge of a small town. The wildlife we get is truly amazing considering that we’re not in the backwoods (it just sounds like it at night!). I need to go check out Diana’s blog now, sounds interesting. Keep an eye on that lung!

  4. Thank you for the shoutout! Regarding #9, it has to be an American thing but I have no idea what it is! Can you guess I don’t watch TV? Cute name though. I’m sure you could come up with an interesting description. Slinky blanket, slimy blanket, slimy American pet…

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