The Sydney Trip

We’ve been promising the kids for ages that we would get them to Sydney to see the Harry Potter Exhibition and the Picasso Exhibition. Given that the closing dates were looming it became a case of now or never. We managed to get the “only good for the wreckers car” repaired and registered.  Although half way down the highway it developed a new screeching noise every time you turned the wheel. The children freaked out in the back seat “oh my god the brakes, the brakes” (that’s what needed repairing in the first instance). We confidently assured them the brakes were fixed this was a NEW problem. Funnily enough it didn’t seem to reassure them.

Somehow we made it there for our lightning visit, packing in the two exhibitions, a trip to “Summer Bay” and my personal highlight, a visit to IKEA.

We left late on Friday. The plan was to leave at 1.30 when Mr Shambles got home from work. However when he walked in we were still doing Hippie Child’s design assignment that needed to be handed in Monday and  when he asked if the clothes were packed I pointed to the clothesline where they were still drying. We left at 3.30pm.  Arrived in Sydney about 8.00pm. Big thanks to Karol and Lyndon for putting us up!

Early start the next day to be in at the Powerhouse Museum for the 9.00am session of the Harry Potter Exhibition.

The girls absolutely loved the exhibition going round a number of times to enjoy the many props and costumes on display.  However they were a little shocked at the price of the merchandise (given they had been told they had to use their own money for it) when a paper map of Hogwarts came in at $50 they both decided perhaps having a memento wasn’t such an imperative, in the end they settled on a $15 poster and an $8 bookmark (I did throw in for a $25 guide book of the exhibition). Still at the Powerhouse they also had a go at lace making with a very passionate volunteer who knew everything there is to know about lace.  We even saw some pieces of lacework from the 1500’s. Princess Child proved to be a natural at the weaving of the lace.

A quick dash to Sydney Tower for lunch in the food court.Then a mad rush through the city streets.

Before we hit the Art Gallery of NSW for the Picasso Exhibition. Ten rooms covering his entire career – it was a fascinating look at the evolution of an incredible artist. This time in the gift shop children went for a poster and a small print of Portrait of Dora Maar – think the poster was $25 and the print $20.

We finished the day with a drink at the Opera House overlooking the best harbour in the world (OK I could be biased).

On day two we took off for Palm Beach – a very wealthy beachside suburb where a popular TV soapie Home and Away is filmed.  The girls wanted to check out “Summer Bay” in real life. As we drove into the car park Mr Shambles began drooling – there were cars there worth more than our mortgage (and our mortage isn’t small). I can’t remember the makes (they were blue and red does that help? No?) but needless to say as the Corolla wheezed and screeched it’s way to a park we stood out.

Mr Shambles looking a tad over it here – and we haven’t even done IKEA yet! We did manage to get to the giant Swedish store and just because we like to push everything to the limit we brought a desk for Hippie Child – we will keep testing the Corolla until it falls apart underneath us. I also found the Billy Bookcases I want but Mr Shambles had to explain that they were almost longer than the vehicle and there was no possibility of fitting them in – it was with great sadness I left them behind (because I know I’ll be ORGANISED once I own the Billy Bookcase).

There it was our trip to Sydney.


12 thoughts on “The Sydney Trip

  1. A lot packed into your holiday. Good for you. Harry, the prices, oh my! Great photos. Thanks or the virtual memories 🙂

  2. hello janine, i wrote you a long comment this morning, and wordpress did not let me post it. ugh! i had to leave for school. in short, corollas are excellent cars, and it will last another 10 years. hogwarts is awesome – my teen and i enjoyed seeing the pictures, and sydney – thanks! i’ve seen the opera house in “about australia” books, but not in pictures by a real australian. silly but awesome. happy weekend!

    • I don’t think wordpress and blogger like each other – the same thing has happened when I’ve tried to comment on your blog a couple of times – they need to learn how to play nice with each other.

  3. Well, lets see if this works. It looks like I’m “logged into” WP, so I’m afraid it’s not a fair test. I loved this post! We don’t live near an Ikea either, and anytime anyone goes, we have to bring someone back candles! I loved the HP display, and your day looked like much fun! xo

  4. I must agree that your Harbor is the best also…but then I’m pretty sure that everything I say in Australia (basically from Sydney to the Gold Coast) in general…might just be one of the most beautiful amazing parts of this world. You are truly fortunate! and I will be back but I think I will skip the Harry Potter exhibit and this time I’m climbing the Harbor bridge! LOL

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