Sunday to Sunday A Week On The Phone

The week began with our weekend in Sydney.

We included a visit to the store I miss most living in a regional area – IKEA.  I lust after this …

I live with this …

Oh the disparity.

We designed two ads for museli and wrote a four minute speech about our ads, built a windmill and designed a flag for Antartica.

Then I wrote a ranting blog about too much homework. ‘Cause that’s what blogging mothers do.

My cranky blog got retweeted by people with LOTS of followers. At the same time WordPress.Com stuffed up their commenting system.

(Don’t even know if it’s fixed yet – apologies if you can’t comment)

Such is my life.

I baked a carrot cake – I never bake.  This is why.

No amount of Instagram filtering is gunna make this sucker rise.

We got to our first soccer training session for the year, we couldn’t manage to unearth the soccer boots (they’ve got to be here somewhere) but we did find the shin pads (yayy).

There ends another week in the Shambles Household.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday to Sunday A Week On The Phone

  1. happy new week, janine! my carrot cakes never rise either, but boy, do they taste good! i’m sure yours did too, and that’s the important part.

  2. I would eat the HELL out of that carrot cake. Love all of your pics – your girls are beautiful! And now I must read your homework post because so help me GOD I am sick of it.

    XX Thanks for linking up.

  3. A great summary of the week. I wished I’d started this instead of a daily one for the year. I think the great thing about these posts is that they’re a diary that our children and grandchildren can read years down the track. Must make sure we preserve them (note: buy printer paper).

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