Exploring Port Macquarie

Skate Park photograph by David Fitzpatrick.


This photo is of the local skate park. The Island Trader in the background is the cargo ship which transports supplies to Lord Howe Island.


13 thoughts on “Exploring Port Macquarie

  1. @Gemma, funny 2 weeks ago that blue water was a murky brown color from all the flood waters exiting the Hastings River…..amazing how mum nature cleans herself up….amazing for now, i think she is well over due for a hand, even if its just picking up McDonald wrappers & cups in the beach car parks

  2. Port Macquarie is a great spot on the NSW coast. We stayed for a few nights back in September and have visited on a few occasions prior to that. I also chat to the local ABC station every Wednesday morning (apologies to the locals). Thanks for the lovely photo.

  3. that photo looks like a computer image of something that will be built in the future, with little fake people placed where real people will go when the skate park is built. amazing! so it’s real and happened? really interesting picture!

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