Making Me Smile

During a week of high frustration over a situation I can’t control (see the commenting post) there have been some good things happen.

Over in the forum world I’ve discovered some new blogs this morning I visited Magsx2 and she had this very cute video in one of her posts. It made me smile.


9 thoughts on “Making Me Smile

  1. Hysterical! I had seen this a while ago and it’s listed in my favorites on YouTube. He is just adorable. I’m sorry you’re having technical issues. I am so computer/iPad/iPhone challenged, I wouldn’t even know if I was having an issue to begin with! This while blogging thing is new and frightening to me. Thank God for friends and a son how is patient with his 20th century mom. Be seeing you…

  2. Hahahaha! I was wondering the same thing with Catherine! It is so adorable. Where is that place anyway?

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