A new commenting procedure introduced by has created some issues for people who have Gravatar/WP ID’s. If you have a Gravatar you have a WP ID they are the same company. After writing your comment please copy it (highlight and Alt C) as the new system tends to lose people’s comments.  If you have copied it you can retrieve it with Alt V. Continuing on you will be asked for an email – just leave that box blank. If you have a blog linked to your Gravatar it may not appear, however, I am happy for you to enter your blog’s URL in the comment, or if I know it I will do it for you when I reply. I believe you can also log-in through your Facebook or Twitter accounts to leave a comment. (Or you are welcome to communicate with me through my FB or Twitter just click on the buttons on the sidebar). Or if you are a really committed soul you can email me your comment to and I’ll post it myself.

For WP bloggers you should be able to comment as normal because you are more than likely already logged in when you arrive here.

My apologies for the ridiculous nature of this situation.


3 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Hi,
    It is very much a ridiculous situation, I also turned off having to leave an e-mail address, to make it easier for anyone. But it really does look like WP is going to keep this so called update, so we just have to work around it. 😦

  2. Thanks for informing us, Janine. I think we’ve all run into a few problems here and there. I know some legitimate comments aimed at me have ended up in my spam box. I try to keep an eye on the incoming spam, as a result.

  3. I was having the same problems so when I comment, I type my URL (or paste), instead of using the gravatar which doesn’t directly link to my page.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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