Max and Malorie on a Mission

Malorie provides the decoy.

Performing a series of acrobatic manoeuvres to attract the tourists.

While Max undertakes a stealth mission.

To the picnics of the said tourists.


My work here is done. Mission accomplished.

16 thoughts on “Max and Malorie on a Mission

  1. How do they not run away and if they do, how do you catch them? They are a little bit scary, in a beautiful sort of way. 🙂

  2. it is sooo funny watching the tourists with Max, Malorie & all their kids (think there is about 5 of ’em)….like the other day none of them were out down at Shellys Beach….i started to set up where i knew their tracks thru the scrub would come out at the picnic area…..two tables, two barbies had just started up, then i turn up with the camera focusing on a wall of scrub, all these people thought i was mad….fair enough….then like clockwork, Malorie pops her head out of the scrub, then casually wondered down for a sniff….well, i’ve never seen so many people with their mobiles & cameras out all of them taking snaps on top of their tables & food….sorry but it was funny….Max, Malorie all of ’em are just so cool in my book…..

  3. @Gemma, its their beach, we are their guests & they are so polite about having us there…they just wonder thru, no dramas….& we don’t catch them, not unless one is hurt or something then i’d be ringing a biologist mate of mine who specialises in reptiles…she gets called in to remove & relocate some of our deadliest snakes, plus she just loves monitors, so it would be her telling me what to do should we ever have to catch one if it was crook or something…….

    • Sorry. I must have misread something. I thought they belonged to someone. Then by all means they should run, be free! 🙂

  4. @rommel, Max would be just over 2metres, he is the Grand Daddy of the lot, but still quick on his feet should he need be….

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