Exploring Port Macquarie #2

The Hastings River winds it way into the centre of Port Macquarie. Westport Park and the Town Green are open spaces where locals and tourists gather to enjoy the waterway.


11 thoughts on “Exploring Port Macquarie #2

  1. Moody and terrific … But is it cold? Would a tropical flower wither and die in such a place? Don’t laugh, it’s a serious question: it’s time to begin thinking about where I should live, and I’ve been wondering about how far south I could ‘survive’, having spent the last several years in the tropics. You’re the first person I’ve met from your neck of the woods, so I must ask … 🙂

    • Hello Wanderlust Gene – is it cold in Port Macquarie? Well for many years Port was decribed as having the best weather in Australia – temperate never too hot never too cold. I reckon that ended when I arrived (but I might be just imagining it). We’ve had a lot of rain in the last few years, and us living in a big, open plan house with no heating saw us believe winter was very cold, but again I hate even a touch of a breeze. Moving here from Brisbane I did miss the heat at times, however, we have spectacularly beautiful days at time and we certainly don’t have the heavy frosts and thick fogs that you get further south. Today we’ve got a low of 17 and a high of 27. This week we are looking at a high of 28 for the week. It’s certainly different weather to the tropics but nothing like the cold of the mountains or the central west – much more moderate.

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