Weekly Photo Challenge – Arrange

Both the girls love art, photography and drawing in particular. Here Hippie Child has arranged a “still life” to photograph. We really do need to buy her a decent camera.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Arrange

  1. The picture follows the strong Rule of Thirds rule for composition. I like how the bowl anchors things in the top right hand corner. You could consider taking the picture from straight above and eliminate the angle but here I think it works for the composition. It might add some whimsy to put something totally alien to the other elements in the photo like a computer chip or a lego piece or something else man made to add some tension. But a really fun picture so far. Don’t worry about a good camera. I teach photography to young kids and they need to learn the basics of good photography as opposed to having cool gear. Encourage her to keep it up.

  2. Beautiful ‘Zen’ arrangement! The colours, textures and composition all work so well together! I can almost smell the Frangipani! She does have an eye!

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