Roos Gather

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

Driving at dusk the other night there were many occasions where I had to brake to a near stop as the kangaroos gathered on the road holding a committee meeting. Cars slowly moving past as drivers were  unsure which way they may jump.


9 thoughts on “Roos Gather

  1. the 2nd day or so i was in South Dakota i was in the passengers seat with my girlfriend driving home just on dusk….& out of the corner of my eye i see something run out in front of our car, force of habit i’ve yelled out “ROO!!!!!!!!!”……it was a deer, & we missed it (thankgod!)…..yep, Kim had alot of fun with that call!!!!….funny i never did see too many roos in South Dakota….lol!

  2. I did drive you by “The Roo Ranch” out in Deadwood tho! ;’) Not the same as seeing them everywhere like I did when I visited “downunder”!

  3. Wait. Kangaroos while crossing the road. This is ridiculous. In my home town it’s cows. In Philadelphia there MIGHT be the occasional city squirrel. But kangaroos – this is ridiculous.

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