It’s Friday the 13th

Just realised today is Friday the 13th, just wondering if I should head back to bed, pull the covers over my head and only emerge when the calendar reads a more favourable date.

Then again I’m not superstitious, I don’t think.

I have avoided walking under ladders but I reckon that’s a practical thing, people working above you could drop stuff on your head.

I must admit I do think twice about my day when a black cat wanders across my path but I’ve been known to have pretty disastrous days with nary a cat in sight!

Spilling salt doesn’t get a mention ’cause we spill so much stuff in this house it would difficult to make out the salt among the milk, orange juice, sugar, cereal that is littered over the kitchen bench. Can NOBODY pour or spoon  straight into a BOWL or GLASS!

Breaking mirrors – we’ve done that – and in hindsight the last seven years haven’t been that crash hot – but really it was all because of some shards of glass cracked and broken back in our former home?

Today is the first day of my holiday from work so it has to be good, doesn’t it?

I’ve got the day all planned.

Blogging while the children remain comatose in bed (oh the beauty of parenting older children).

Half an hour of rousing said children from bed (oh the pain of parenting older children).

A substantial amount of time nagging said children to help me clean up house (older children are perfectly capable of doing as good a job at cleaning as adults this act of ignorance “I don’t know what I’m supposed to use to clean the bath, I won’t do it as good as you want” is particularly irritating).

We give up the arguing (and probably the cleaning as well) and leave the house to find lunch somewhere near the water because we can’t stand being locked up in the house together any longer.

We wander the shops looking at things we can’t afford to buy ( Princess Child and I do this for fun, Hippie Child trails behind loudly declaring “what is the point of this? We are not going to buy anything”).

I stock up on magazines to feed my dissatisfaction for why my life isn’t picture perfect (an addiction I’m going to give up one day) and a lottery ticket or two (maybe Friday the 13th could be lucky).

We look at shoes, because both of these children insist on growing, dear God when will it end? We find shoes I like, they hate them. We find shoes they like, I need a stiff drink when I look at the price. After trying every shoe shop in town we are still unable to find a compromise.

We collect Mr Shambles from work (joy of one-car family).

We get home, he looks at the half-hearted attempts at cleaning and asks what we did all day.

Mr Shambles discovers he should have stayed in bed on Friday the 13th.

See, I’ve got it all planned it’s going to be a great day, now off to wake the sleeping children.

Are you superstitious? What superstitions do you follow?


11 thoughts on “It’s Friday the 13th

  1. We used to have a black cat o i have never really paid much attention to them. I’m not really superstitious so i normally don’t notice if its a Friday and the thirteenth of the month. Enjoy your day.

  2. you left off making dinner! if you are tired from window shopping all day, and pick up the mr. on the way home, what will you eat? hmm. maybe it’s in the crock pot from the morning.

    not superstitious here. love friday the 13th, because it’s a lovely day. full moons, too.
    i’m with your one daughter, though, who hates to shop. stay home and read a book…
    joy to you!

    • Oh Noreen, as if I would be so organised as to have dinner in the crockpot. No I got home, felt crook, so Mr Shambles did dinner, unfortunately after a couple of beers, so took two goes to create something edible (and he’s the GOOD cook in the family) but got there in the end.

  3. I think if there was going to be any bad luck for you, it would happen today… which means you can now enjoy your holiday knowing it will only be filled with sunshine and good times! Visiting via Tina Gray dot me. x

  4. We have a black cat and I have earrings that dangle the number 13. I’ve got nothing for ya on this one 🙂 I’m more about karma than superstition. Should they even be in the asme sentence? I don’t know! By now it’s over for you anyway, so I hope it was more lucky than not.

  5. I’m not really superstitious. I’ve got enough hypochondriac in me that superstitious would just be overkill. But before we went on stage for our chorus competition a few weekends ago (blog post to come… probably tomorrow), one of the ladies in the chorus gave me a sticker to put on the bottom of each one of my shoes for good luck. It made me smile 🙂

    Oh, and 13 used to be my soccer number.

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