Bucket Lists BEFORE and AFTER Children

The Bucket List BEFORE I had children.

  • Cruise the canals of Venice in a gondolier with the man I love.
  • Eat at a Michelin Three Star restaurant.
  • Buy an outfit from the Paris Fashion Shows.
  • Watch a Broadway show starring someone really famous.
  • Float in the Dead Sea.
  • Travel the Silk Road.
  • Party all night at the Carnaval  in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Dance and sing through a Bruce Springsteen concert at Madison Square Garden.

The Bucket List AFTER I had children.

  • Cruise the canals of the Gold Coast on a houseboat with a two-year old without killing the man I love.
  • Eat at a restaurant where the food doesn’t come accompanied by a plastic figurine.
  • Buy three coordinated outfits for a $100 from the Kmart Winter Catalogue.
  • Watch a pantomime, starring that kid from Home and Away whose name I can never remember, without slitting my wrists.
  • Float in the wading pool at the local swimming centre without thinking about why it is so unnaturally warm.
  • Travel the Pacific Highway without anyone throwing up.
  • Sleep an entire night undisturbed, in my own bed, alone.
  • Dance and sing through a Wiggles concert at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre without waking the sleeping child next me (this kid never sleeps you have to take your moments when you can).

11 thoughts on “Bucket Lists BEFORE and AFTER Children

  1. I think it was sleep I longed for most, when my children were small. That, and a place to hide, at least a few minutes a day, where the word ‘Mommy’ was not vibrating off of the walls. 🙂 There is a definite difference in lifestyes before and after having children. However, my boys are all grown now, and they’ve all become fine young men. So, I’d say it is worth it.

  2. hello! very cute. as they say, you can have it all, just not all at once. you’re private bucket list will come back… joy to you!

  3. I love both of your lists, and certainly hope that you can get to a Springsteen concert someday, maybe via a gondola, and while wearing a great outfit. With no one throwing up. 🙂 Btw, I’m finally grabbing some time to read blogs, and I’ve so missed yours! You never fail to make me laugh or ponder – or both.

  4. Psssh – just put the top list on pause for a littttttle longer. Let me know when you make it to Madison Square Garden, I’ll come up and visit 🙂

    PS. My top five people I’ve seen on Broadway at this point are (1) Bernadette Peters, (2) Kristin Chenoweth, (3) Sean Hayes, (4) Diana DeGarmo and (5) Ana Gasteyer.

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