Sigh, this is why I couldn’t enter the Lifestyle category in the Sydney Writer’s Centre Best Australian Blogs Competition. I try to do a nice photo of my Sunday lunch and manage to capture daughter’s PJ’s hanging on the clothesline in the background.

Before I started blogging I used to be jealous of the beautiful blogs with the lovely houses and picture perfect kids, now I realise it’s just the angle you shoot from, my house is a complete disaster but aside from the sneaky PJ’s you can’t see any of the mess and mayhem in this photo.

Our Sunday was the typical never-ending quest to complete projects on our owner built house. Mr Shambles is desperately trying to finish tiling the fireplace so we can install a wood-fire in time for winter, we can’t have a repeat of last year’s electricity bills. Like Pa Ingalls trying to finish the Little House on the Prairie before the snow arrives, Mr Shambles is engaged in a flurry of cutting, gluing, cementing, sticking up, grouting while we watch on, growing more impatient with each cold snap.

I spent the morning trying to clean the oven. I managed to almost asphyxiate myself with a toxic mass of chemicals, but it’s still taking some serious scrubbing. Really must do the job more frequently before it coagulates into a seered-on commemoration of every meal we have consumed in the last, well I’m not going to say how long,  ’cause that would just be really spelling out my poor housekeeping skills.

Oh to have a finished house, and a house-cleaner coming once a week, so weekends could be a no pressure, relax and enjoy life experience.

Eventually I decided we needed lunch and wine.

I tried to recreate Mr Shambles world-famous chicken sandwiches. They used to be a big hit when he made them for my scrapbooking workshops and my new friends in Port Macquarie enjoyed them at the last “bring a plate” night.

Mr Shambles World Famous Chicken Sandwiches

BBQ Chicken



Grated Tasty Cheese

Lemon Juice

Pepper & Salt

Mix all ingredients and apply to bread. (I added some wholegrain mustard but Mr Shambles doesn’t usually do that). Also they look better as finger sandwiches but I had the batard bread I wanted to use up so I went with open.

How was your Sunday?


8 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Can personally vouch for Mr Shambles absolutely delicious gourmet chicken sandwiches. I was sitting here licking my lips with glee at finally having the recipe, until I remembered I am now a vegetarian – damn!

  2. hello janine – our sunday is just starting, and the children are still asleep. i need to make oatmeal. the chicken looks delicious. i like your “tasty cheese” – does that mean, whatever is your favorite? also i would never have noticed the pjs in your beautiful photo if you had not mentioned them! joy and happy almost-monday.

  3. Just getting started here, it’s almost 9:00 a.m. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day to spend outdoors, though!

    As always, your post made me smile. I think those pj’s in the background add a nice touch! 🙂

  4. 1: The food still looks incredible.
    2: I have a blog post coming up this week where a thing of deodorant made it into the picture. On the kitchen counter. Why is it there, you ask? Because sometimes my roommate forgets to put deodorant until he he grabs his wallet and runs out the door. Boys.

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