Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects

Had a lot of trouble trying to find a photo with two subjects – will have to try and get my brother onto the job – in the meantime, with apologies, here is as close as I can get to two subjects with a photo I took some time ago of the local Catholic Church.

I have edited it in PicMonkey using the Daguerreotype Frame – which did take away from the second subject (the church itself)Β  but I really liked the effect.

As you all know I am technically incompetent – is there any way of removing the stupid date/time stamp in photos? If I actually learnt Photoshop would that do the job?

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects

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  3. I like the effect you gave the photo. Nice work. No technical incompetence there.
    I would think the menu on your camera would have something to get rid of the date stamp. I’m not much better at this stuff. Good luck. πŸ™‚

  4. If you use photoshop you can use the cloning tool to get rid of the date/time. If you just want it done on one specific picture, send it my way and I can do it for you – granted, I won’t be in my apartment again until Friday…. but I can do it then πŸ™‚

  5. Great image! The frame style enhances your subject matter. I was going to suggest the rubber stamp/cloning tool in Photoshop. It’s fiddly at first but invaluable when you want to remove small details in a photo.

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