Rainy Day Blues

The morning began by bailing water out of the car. It appears my car leaks. Rather substantially leaks. To the point I was heading towards cover-your-feet level flooding in the driver’s side.

I’m on holidays. Therefore we are now experiencing torrential rain. The two go together like strawberries and cream – Janine takes holidays, the heavens unleash a downpour – never fails.

Despite limited funds, a husband not entitled to leave at a new job and my deep aversion to the outdoors,  we were planning a weekend away camping but yet again that idea has been kiboshed by mother nature.

Now we find ourselves holed up together in Shambles Manor for yet another holiday break. Designing a roster system for our solitary computer. Arguing over who ate the last piece of chocolate. Trying to agree on what movies to rent.

One of the disadvantages of living in a holiday destination is you become slack at organising trips away. Why pay good money for a unit on the beach when you have multiple great beaches a five minute drive from your house?

The teenager and the tween are also much more difficult to please – oh for the days when they thought a Happy Meal eaten in the drive-through-car-wash was a top day out! Now there’s negotiating, bargaining and begging to be done just to get them to consider leaving the house. I’ve had to up the ante on the activities they deem worth getting out of bed for – and even killing time at the cinema doesn’t cut it anymore – “they are all kids movies I’m a bit OLD for that stuff”. I kinda liked the sound of the Lorax.

I entertain myself by trying to think of new blog post ideas. I’m quite fond of the idea of taking a picture each day from the window next to my computer, you know a sort of “through my window” regular thing. Then I realise I will have to clean the window before we can do that so decide to stick with text-based ideas.

Even the dog is refusing to leave the house. Chandler has been doing the early morning drive to drop off husband to work each day with me, but today he stood on the front step watching me chucking cupfuls of water out of the vehicle as the rain poured down, gave a sniff, a shake of his head and turned tail back into the house.

I’ve checked the weather forecast thunderstorms morning to night for today and tomorrow. Better get more DVD’s. At least I won one round, shortly I will be watching Sarah Jessica Parker battling the mummy wars in I Don’t Know How She Does It.

How was your last holiday? Dream event or holiday from hell?


9 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blues

  1. Holiday? What holiday? Our last “real” holiday was our honeymoon to Thailand (which was fabulous by the way) – and we just recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!!! I don’t count our recent mad trip to Sydney for 3 days to visit family as a “holiday”!!! One day we will have that great family holiday – I will keep dreaming…

  2. I remember when I was chained to my desk designing roof trusses, when the kids were small, and it was daylight savings time, I’d drive into work watching the sun come up and get home in time for dusk, leaving only the weekends for outdoor recreaction. A rainy day on the weekend would drive me to tears. I feel you on that rainy vacation deal. I hope the weatherman is wrong and that you end up enjoying a few sunny days before you head home. If not, maybe you’ll at least get a rainbow out of the deal. 🙂 I’m rooting for you, Janine.

  3. Hi!! Report back on how that movie was – I was considering seeing it because it’s Sarah Jessica Parker, but I couldn’t ever find time. Which leads into my, when would I have time for a holiday? Most (all but one) day I’ve ever taken off from work, I end up working at least a few hours. I need to plan a vacation where I leave the state (and the state I work in) and just escape. Actually, I’d really just love to sit in front of a television for a week. That sounds like heaven.

    • It was OK, but between me and the movie we should completely turn you off ever having children.There were some funny relatable moments particularly the lying in bed list making, although there were times when it did seem to be the “movie world” version of the mummy guilt work/stay at home situation – many do it with as much angst but at lot less help and no options, when there is no choice but to work due to financial circumstances.But I did like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  4. That is a real bummer Janine! But mark my words, when the children are grown and you are all alone, you are going to remember this day with fondness! ( Don’t really mean that…..you are going to heave a sigh of relief that you are over parenting, mostly, and can at last afford a decent holiday :-)) Hope the weather turns!

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