Grateful – adj – warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received, thankful.

Why are there some days when it is so difficult to conjure up gratitude? When all around you see the difficulties of your life and fail to appreciate the good stuff that is still happening.

After a particularly grumpy time I saw this Grateful Linky over at Maxabella Loves and decided that to help get me in a better frame of mind for the coming week I better play along.

What I’m grateful for …

1. The paddock. I’m grateful that the developers haven’t yet got to the paddock behind our house. So of a morning when I sit at my computer trying to think of blog topics I can look to the left and see kangaroos and cows enjoying the green, open space.

2. The sun. I’m very grateful that the sun is finally shining. The brightness, the warmth and hopefully the chance to try some clothes are all good things.

3. The blog. I’m grateful that by exploring this blogging world I find things like grateful linkys which force me to readjust my thinking and improve my connections with the real world.

What are you grateful for today?


13 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. What a beautiful paddock you have… I would love to be looking at that view from my computer. It’s amazing how we can find gratitude when we start simple… I love the sun and the blog too… connection is so important. x

  2. I am SO grateful for my family. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and a dear, sweet child ( off 27, but he’s my lil’ darlin’).
    I am VERY grateful for being involved in this wonderful world of WordPress. I haven’t enjoyed doing anything this much in a while (if ever).
    I am grateful for the gentle, spiritual, peace-filled reminders I get from so many kind people each day. People I don’t even know, but feel a connection with now.
    I’m babbling, like a cool, clear brook. Done.
    Beautiful post, Janine.

  3. Always a worthwhile thing to consider…I’m thankful that my almost six-month old grandson survived his second CDH hernia repair…and I’m thankful that he was awake and smiling today–the first time I’ve seen that in a month! I’m also thankful that all my husband’s tests for his annual checkup with the thyroid oncologist came back clear! It’s been a grateful kind of day for me, for sure! 🙂

  4. hello janine – i’m grateful for you, and your blogging adventure! it’s been fun, learning about your goals, seeing your book reviews, and reading your family stories. joy to you!

  5. Wow, what a view! It would be impossible not to feel grateful when you get to look out across a rural scene like that.

    It’s so nice to see you here today, Janine. Living with gratitude really does mean you feel better about life in general. x

  6. When I look for a reason to be grateful, my first thoughts are of St. Jude’s cancer research center. I am forever grateful that I was blessed with healthy children and that we all have homes. My heart aches for those that are not so blessed. I think most of us sometimes lose sight of the simplest reasons to feel blessed. I love your photo share. It looks like a lovely place to call home. 🙂

  7. With every week that I join in with gratefuls I find it coming more naturally, and that I’m thinking of subconciously, which is so nice!

    Like you, I’m also grateful that no developers have touched the hills behind our house, I love looking out at them from my kitchen window.

  8. I’m pretty awesomely grateful for my blog most days too 🙂 it adds a whole different dimension to life 🙂

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