Winning the lottery

Well the 70 million dollar jackpot went off last night. Three people managed to get almost 25 million dollars each. I’m still clinging to the notion that I could be one of them. One was from New South Wales and my mobile phone isn’t charged so the lottery people could have tried to contact me while I ate chocolate, watched Missing and went to bed way too late. Sleeping the night away blissfully unaware that I now had enough money to legitimately buy my way into the George Clooney dinner party.

They say money doesn’t buy happiness but I reckon 25 million dollars has to dull a lot of pain.

The last couple of days we’ve played the “if I win the lottery” game. You know the one where for a few moments you get to live every dream you have ever had? Mr Shambles immediately heads to the luxury boat builder, I take off to the airport – look out world here I come! What would you do if you suddenly had unlimited funds?

The mathematicians were out in force last night – with their killjoy statistics making it clear that my one ticket with four games had, well a snowball’s chance in hell of taking off the big one. Is it a sign of an optimistic personality that even knowing the chances I still play the game? All I hear is the one in … that’s it one person has to win … whose to say I can’t be THE ONE?

If you won more money than is reasonably healthy would it change you? Would it change the way the people around you behave? What happens when you can no longer bond over struggle street? Would you tell anyone that you had won? I’m not sure I could keep a secret that big.

Then of course there’s the children, it’s character building to have to do learn a trade, complete a degree, survive crappy jobs, sell your soul to the bank. Would you remove that experience for them?

Oh the decisions! Well, I’m off to charge the phone and you know, go to work,  better not burn my bridges, just in case I’m not the “one winner from New South Wales”.

11 thoughts on “Winning the lottery

  1. hi janine – i want you to win, so you can come visit! i do not buy lottery tickets, so i don’t think about it. plus i love my work, so i wouldn’t quit. but i certainly understand how unlimited funds would make life a lot easier. joy to you!

  2. I’d like to experience the feeling. Just once. Would I tell anyone? Would I change? I don’t really know, but I REALLY would like the chance to find out. I have tons of plans for that dough. I keep on buying the tickets. Someone DOES have to win, so, yes. Why not me? Good luck, Janine. When I win I won’t forget you. 🙂

  3. I like the quote I read somewhere lately: “Do I know what my chances are of winning? Yep. Tiny. But the ticket cost pays for the entertainment, to dream for a little while while I plan on how I’d spend it.”

    I was given a full ticket as a gift (and promptly looked at the cost of the ticket and thought, “$27.85? I could feed the three of us pretty well for a whole day on that! Or buy two bottles of Wild Oats rose while warning the kids that dinner will be vegemite on toast…”).

    I got three numbers and no supplementary. Bastards. It’s a conspiracy.

    • Vegemite on toast is a perfectly adequate dinner – plenty of vitamin B. Yep I don’t get the full ticket I figure if I’ve got a couple of games at least I’m in with a chance (alright a mighty slim chance but I can cling to the dream for a little bit longer).

  4. If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is go see a financial adviser and set up several annuities (for myself, and the kids), then, target a few charities. Then I’d buy a huge block of land and build a little homestead right in the middle of it. From there, I’m sure my humble little homestead would grow into a spread because I’d no doubt be collecting critters that need a home, and maybe build a few little houses on the property for other people interested in saving some animals, that would be willing to share their love and knowledge in return for a free house. I can think of so many things I would love to do, if money weren’t a consideration. Dammit Janine, just when I’m getting my head into blogging, you have me running off into fantasy land … shame on you. 😉 LOL

  5. I’d probably buy my friends a lot of gifts and then quit my job and start doing something craft and then start a part time job at the town library or something where I get to do something working with people every day.

  6. When I was working in sales on straight commission, I always fantasized about winning and then staying at work and bitching about every sale of mine that was stolen. The best part would be that everyone would know that I didn’t need the money at all. Things were pretty cut throat back then. I still can’t imagine giving up my job. If I has all that money, I figure I would eat and enjoy my way to an early grave. I’d likely have fun along the way.

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