Multitasking Failure

Multitasking is an inborn skill for women. We can think 20 thoughts, while simultaneously completing a task with each hand and issuing directions on another topic with our mouth. Sorry blokes, but you do seem to struggle with this, preferring the do one thing at a time approach, and “please don’t introduce another topic when I’m busy dealing with this one”.

However, this week the wheels fell off our morning rush when I mysteriously lost my special powers. I know I can’t believe it either.

The morning began the way it always does, madly sitting at the computer trying to think of a blog topic, waking children between paragraphs. At 6.50 I have to hit publish and try to cover up the fact I am wearing PJ’s as I drive my husband to work. It used to be OK I could just make the dash to the car with my coat over the offending sleepware and I’m sure nobody knew (well except for those darn exercise freaks who are power walking outside my house but they don’t count) but now the builders have started work on creating the house next door, so I give a cheery wave, fold my arms across my chest ’cause there hasn’t been time to put on a bra (blog or bra people choices have to be made when time is limited) and make a quick dash to the safety of my vehicle convincing myself they are laughing at something funny on the radio, not the wild-haired, droopy breasted, pyjama wearing woman from next door.

By the time I get home I find the children watching Today on the TV. Let me say I may be slack in the rule department but one rule I’ve always enforced was no TV in the morning. However, we had to take the batteries for the radio remote to use for the DVD player so now Mr Shambles has got into the habit of putting on the TV instead of the radio. Apparently by the time he remembers he can’t use the remote for the radio any more he’s already sitting down with his breakfast on his lap and it’s just easier to hit power on the TV remote.

Finding myself with children nowhere near ready and fixated to the TV screen I rationally and calmly explain our rule about no TV in the morning, easily access the remote sitting on the coffee table and watch as my obedient children immediately remove themselves to their bedrooms to finish getting dressed. OK OK I rant and rave, trip over the dog while I’m trying to find the remote which I eventually find has slipped down the back of the lounge while the children argue they didn’t turn it on and where have I been anyway. I’VE BEEN DRIVING THEIR FATHER TO WORK FOR THREE WEEKS NOW HOW COULD THEY HAVE NOT NOTICED.

I head to the kitchen to make lunch – spread the avocado on the bread – then (and this is where my powers desert me) – get distracted by the tulips I bought last night and haven’t put in a vase – I need them for a photo for the May photo challenge which I’m falling behind in – so I leave the sandwiches to deal with the flowers – while in my head starting work on the blog post about this disastrous morning – as I rip open that packet of stuff that comes with the flowers to mix with the water to make them last longer – it sprays across the kitchen bench and into the avocado on the sandwiches. Briefly I consider that it just looks like salt – how poisonous can it be really? Then I ditch the sandwiches and start again.

I’m reminded that just last week I sat at the soccer fields waiting to pick up Hippie Child from training only to realise it was Wednesday and she was at band, I should have been dropping Princess Child OFF to training at that time but she was home sick.

Could my brain have gone into hibernation? Is it possible that I’m going to have to start concentrating on one thing at a time? Seriously if that’s the case we are screwed.Ā  This household cannot operate unless SOMEBODY is doing at least ten things at any one time. Given nobody else seems keen to step up to the mission we are in trouble.

How’s the multitasking going in your household today?


2 thoughts on “Multitasking Failure

  1. It sounds to me like you are practicing for “Old Timers”. One day, you might even catch up to me… I am a pro these days! šŸ™‚ It’s a good thing that kids grow up and responsibilities lessen with your mind and your nerves as you go. There is hope at the end of the tunnel. My big thing these days is making sure that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train. šŸ™‚ Looking back, I do remember those octopus days well, and I don’t envy you one bit!

  2. Multitasking? What is multitasking? I am only ONE PERSON for crying out loud! If downstairs gets cleaned the upstairs stays a mess and vice versa. These people should be happy that breakfast, lunch and dinner are being served on a regular basis.

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