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My Pinterest Life

In my bid to create an award-winning blog that gains world-wide recognition and acquires me a Prius, a round-the-world holiday and a Thermomix  (cause they are the sort of things you get offered as a top blogger  – don’t anyone kill the dream) I am trying to embrace all the social media/apps/fads that are currently flying around the blogosphere.

I have a tendency to sign up for these things and then have absolutely no idea of their purpose or even how to use them.

This weeks favourite is Pinterest.

I have been a magazine addict for as long as I can remember. Mountains of them. Strewn around the house collecting dust and eating into my children’s opportunity to go to university. No dear we can’t afford that Visual Arts degree Mummy just had to have those magazine subscriptions.

I have boxes full of tear sheets that I simply can’t throw away because one day it may be important for me to know just what Collette Dinnigan had on the runway at the 1998 Fashion Week or I will urgently need to cook the Double Roasted Suckling Pig with Recado Rojo, Salsa Crudo and Parmesan Encrusted Potatoes on the side (because seriously I’ve got a couple of days to devote to a single meal).

Then I discovered Pinterest is really just the grown-up, on-line version of my ripped up magazines that I have carted from house to house for years. It’s a lot cheaper and takes up far less room.

When I log in (particularly to my “likes” page) I see my ultimate life spread out before me. Let me tell you in Pinterest world I am stylish (I’m also a size 8). No really I have great taste, classic and refined. Bearing absolutely no resemblance to the hurriedly put together, barely brushed hair, slightly ill-fitting clothes of my reality. My office is a quirky, book filled sanctuary with a comfy, overstuffed chair next to a sunlit window. Not the spare room with an assortment of junk that I am still trying to sort,  a fold-up chair in the middle next to half unpacked boxes I’m desperately trying to empty and ditch the contents as a form of therapy in overcoming my hoarding tendencies. I live in a beautifully landscaped home with an azure pool inviting us all in for a dip, not a building site with a gaping hole that fills with muddy water every time it rains.

Aside from fanning the flames of my discontent I am still trying to figure out how the hell this site is supposed to generate readers for your blog? To my surprise I discovered Mamamia (one of Australia’s biggest most successful websites) and Oprah’s Things were following my fantasy life on Pinterest. Now if they were following the BLOG that would be exciting but now I’m a little confused at what my value is in this highly visual, style swamped world.

Obviously I still need to figure out what a text-based blog has to “pin” – there’s my brother’s photos of course but considering they really belong to him probably not a great idea to have them repinned to the point where nobody knows where they came from in the beginning – he’s agreed to let me put some up but then he has no idea what Pinterest is so not sure how valid his consent will be when somebody else makes millions from one of his shots – probably as likely as the Prius arriving in my driveway but you never know.

There are genuine concerns over the copyright issue – it’s one thing to cut out my favourites pictures and articles and keep them forever and day – another to take other’s images and post them online. Blogging with Amy had a useful post on this issue.

In the meantime I continue to “like” and occasionally “pin” the images of my dream life while wondering if there is any actual blogging benefit.

So bloggers has Pinterest generated readers for your blog? Any bloggers happy to be “pinned”? Readers is anyone else addicted to magazines or is it just me?

A Journey Into Blogging

Three months ago I took my first tentative steps into this unknown world of blogging. I’d been thinking about it for a long time, even tried a little “sea change” blog a couple of years ago, but quiet frankly I’m not good with one topic – five posts and I was bored. Moving on.

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