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2011 Favourites

Favourite Video  – this mum had some guts – and thank God the kid didn’t screw it up!! Love Buble’s reaction when he realise the kid can sing.

Favourite Song

Book I enjoyed the most






Best speech of the year. In January 2011 Queensland was underwater with a series of tragic floods that destroyed many homes and took a number of lives. Throughout it all Queensland Premier Anna Bligh fronted up day in day out to the media and gave a bloody fine example of leadership in a crisis. I was only a pseudo Queenslander for 10 years but in this speech she made everyone proud of the Northern State.


Book that made me think the most – was prepared to hate it but Chua is actually quite a humourous writer and made some points that did get me considering our Western parenting style.






Favourite film of the year – now realise I didn’t get out much this year – so am going to pick the last movie I saw (which was Christmas present DVD) – very Australian, funny and incredibly sad.






Looking back not really a cheery selection but oh well.  I hope each and every one of my readers has a great new year and best wishes for a fantastic 2012.