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5 Pet Peeves


I may be a little early here, our Tuesday may arrive ahead of the Tuesday of Moments that Define Life but I will be linking up with Nicole’s Listable Life when you American’s eventually catch up!

  1. People (and they know who they are) not putting the butter back in the fridge after they use it.
  2. People (the same ones who have a problem with the butter) using the last of the toilet paper and not putting a new roll in the holder.
  3. Homework. I’m doing more homework now than when I was AT school and seriously folks I’m over it (and we are only 6 weeks into the new school year).
  4. Television stations who muck around with their programming. Moving the times of my favourite shows (I have a schedule you know) and worse than that putting on one or two new episodes then sneaking repeats back in, if I’m a fan of the show I want the new stuff. I am the most obedient and loyal of viewers, leave me a cliffhanger I will be waiting with baited breath for the next instalment, I CARE about the characters you create and when you disregard my feelings I get hurt and start to lose interest – just warning you I may not be here when you finally decide to play the rest of the new eps.
  5. The automated system on bill paying/fault reporting/service centres lines. When I have a query and end up trapped in a neverending circle of robotic voices issuing useless instructions that don’t get me any closer to speaking to a real, live human being the insanity of the situation drives me bonkers.

What are your pet peeves?