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Weekly Photo Challenge – Winter

Seriously WordPress people you give me a photo challenge for WINTER in the middle of an Australian summer? OK I’ve dug through the archives and located a photo of my brother’s from last year. Every Friday night in the middle of winter a dedicated group of parents support their children’s sporting endeavours by sitting on the sideline for two hours, cheering in support of their soccer games while our toes go numb and we share blankets in a bid to keep warm. OK American/European people with your snow shots I know it doesn’t get as cold as where you are – but seriously Kempsey or Wauchope at 8.00 o’clock at night in the middle of winter is no picnic. Sometimes it even rains!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Self Portrait

Fair to say, I hated this week’s photo challenge. Firstly, trying to find a decent photo of myself, VERY DIFFICULT. I was at one point tempted to revert back to my wedding shots, OK they may be 15 years old but with professional hair and make-up I didn’t turn out half bad. I was going to take a current shot, but couldn’t get in to the beauticians to get the eyebrows done  and the hairdresser laughed when I suggested an appointment before Christmas. Given the debacle of my Christmas preparation I  couldn’t even find time to whack on a bit of make-up. In a fit of desperation I thought I’d use my new I-phone (more about that in a future post) to get  a stylishly informal shot this evening. Oh people it was a tragedy, I’m tired and dear Lord it showed.  Wrinkles, flab,bags under the eyes, double chin, every possible defect you could think of all there. All attempts have now been deleted and  after a bit of search I’ve come up with this shot from earlier this year, not my favourite but Mr Shambles voted it as the best out of a bad lot. Mental note. Stop photographing children and get a half decent shot of yourself this Christmas.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is to show your interpretation of Family.

It would be nice to have the time to style together a beautiful artistic shot of our family, but at the end of the day, life is really just a series of ordinary snapshots.

Photos clicked on the run, or groups gathered together at the big celebrations of life.

Moments captured, but more important than the photo itself, are the memories it sparks.

The family holiday snap reminds us of losing my dad just before the holiday, and discovering my husband needed a heart bypass because he first noticed his symptoms during that trip. Yet for the children it’s a photo of a special time when they had Mum & Dad’s undivided attention and got to explore an island of amazing natural beauty.

The Christmas shot – always a debacle. Trying to get that many individuals looking at the camera, being sensible, smiling on cue – a nightmare. Yet year in, year out we do it. Happy thoughts but also a lasting record of the faces who are no longer here to line up.

The family far apart and the efforts needed to gather together to celebrate the intertwined relationships.

The sisters – frozen in a moment of sisterly love – where the fights over who gets the front seat, or the last biscuit are forgotten.

Nothing spectacular just an ordinary family, snapping away, recording the growth of children, the trips taken, the laughs enjoyed.