Monday Morning Photo – Seascape

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

A long weekend Monday for us in Australia. Raining and cold. But we are heading out to see some relatives who are visiting. Hope your week ahead is filled with happy families and good times.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

The photo challenge this week was a photo of “today”, taken on the day you read the challenge. I had planned to do a few shots, you know a little photo essay on how I spent a rainy Sunday. In the end Princess Child and I snapped this on our way to the video shop and … well that was the sum total of our effort.

As the rain pelted down we watched videos and I cooked – the four-hour spaghetti bolognese cooked too fast (gotta remember to turn heat DOWN) and needed a bit more “tomato” in it but it went on to feed us for two nights during the week (first as spaghetti bol and then as a meat pie). I also made lamb tagine which was delicious, and according to Mr Shambles even better the next day for lunch. Both recipes were from Love & Hunger.

We watched the second Sherlock Holmes movie, but I got a bit distracted by the I-pad. Ever heard a favourite movie star interviewed and felt a little disappointed? I feel that way about Robert Downey Jnr, saw him on Graham Norton and, maybe he was having a bad night, but he wasn’t what I expected.

The fireplace grouting is almost finished, except we ran out with a mere few centimetres to go, sigh, so back to the shop to get some more.

And that was pretty much our lazy, rainy Sunday. Now we are looking forward to a long weekend (four days for me seeing as I don’t work Fridays). Yayy.

Photo A Day May – The Results

My first attempt at Photo A Day, I didn’t manage to keep up on Instagram but I did get a lot of the photos taken, too many to not use, so I’m afraid you are going to have sit through the photo album of my month … in all it’s distorted, poorly  lit, out-of-focus glory.

PEACE  is anywhere by the water in my books. The SKYLINE at dusk on a cool autumn day. The SOMETHING I WORE TODAY ended up being my Ugg boots because as the days get chillier I start every morning with feet encased in their woollen warmth, like a true bogan tragic. FUN is present every time you see a balloon, they immediately represent a party. I should have got a shot of the pesky magpie that keeps invading the house but I was too busy screeching and flailing my arms about in a vain attempt to get him out, instead for BIRD I capture the friendly lorikeets in the backyard tree. The agony of the self portrait for YOU this is the best I could do. I cheated a bit with SOMEONE THAT INSPIRES YOU and included both my daughters because they do inspire (and amaze) me every day. You can tell by the almost empty bottle this perfume is A SMELL I ADORE. Then drinking coffee makes an appearance for SOMETHING I DO EVERY DAY, homemade instant or store bought cappucino it’s become a daily habit.

MY FAVOURITE WORD this month is courage. I show you a picture of my KITCHEN – and yes much cleaning went on before the photo was taken. SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPY is the fact by the end of the month this slate was on the wall, the wood fire was in the house (not actually installed, but in the house) so we are one step closer to having some warmth! We spent Mother’s Day with MUM. This is the GRASS of the school oval where we got to watch our last athletics carnival for primary school. LOVE is being stupid together. Thanks to the Book Club on ABC Mid North Coast this is WHAT I’M READING. I was going to photograph a piece of fruit for a SNACK but people I know in real life read the blog and they would have left comments. SOMETHING I MADE is the world’s greatest chicken pie.

A FAVOURITE PLACE is Town Green, love being on the river in a green space ringed by pubs and restaurants to eat at, or there is always a fish and chips picnic. My magazines are THE SOMETHING I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT, well ok I could, but I don’t want to! WHERE YOU STAND is the as yet unfinished floorboards of Shambles Manor wearing my quick, drying trousers. On the PINK day I celebrated with my favourite flowers, the tulip.  In TECHNOLOGY I pay homage to my I-pad which means I can now watch television and surf the net simultaneously. The 12 O’CLOCK turned out to be one of the many late nights in a deadline driven week.  My food memories inspired by Love & Hunger  I  remembered Pat the Tea Lady delivering me a coffee and a slice of madeira cake every day (see I’m so old I worked in offices that had tea ladies) I brought one at Coles, but the family attacked it while I wasn’t looking and all I managed to scrounge was a small end piece but it makes the grade for SOMETHING SWEET. After some beautifully warm days the rain returned and overcast and raining fitted THE WEATHER TODAY. Finally for A NUMBER I give you 21 my lucky number for no other reason than I like it.

What did I miss? SOMETHING NEW (can’t remember the last time I bought something new for myself), UNUSUAL, YOUR PERSONALITY AND SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.

What did I learn? Photos take a lot more time than bunging a few words together. Phew. Done. Heading for a drink.

Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree

Birds are causing a problem in my life at the moment. A baby magpie has discovered how to fly into our house. He’s making it a daily activity swooping through the open sliding doors, pooing on the clean washing and departing. Trying to remember to close the doors, but need one open for the dog. Magpie even worked out there was access via this second door and starting flying across an inner deck to make his grand entrance.

It’s like living in a Hitchcock thriller as we all screech and duck  while maggie swoops and weaves through the house.

Luckily the kookaburras haven’t yet learnt the trick.

Kookaburra photo by David Fitzpatrick

A bit peckish? Photo by David Fitzpatrick

Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer

While I sit here rugged up in my winter woolies, the Weekly Photo Challenge asks me to cast my mind back to the summer. It was a soggy season, lots of rain and not nearly enough hot sun. However during one warm day Princess Child got out into the front yard and proved you can never be too old for a bit of fun with the garden hose and sprinkler. She even managed to convince her sister to join her at one point, well she squirted her with the water and she had to retaliate.

When was your last water fight?

Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are.