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Reading This Week – Last Summer – Kylie Ladd

Friendship groups are a complex web of inter-personal relationships, emotions, loyalties and betrayals. Aussie author, Kylie Ladd, throws a grenade into one such group and records the ensuing chaos. Continue reading

The Week That Was

Looking at the news that happened last week.

Tax Summit – the pollies and assorted hangers-on gathered in Canberra to discuss the state of the Australian tax system.  The two-day talk fest may or may not generate changes to the amount of tax we pay or the way we pay it,  but  in our household the tax refund cheques hit the bank account.  Where they stayed for a whole, I dunno 15 minutes. By the time the orthodontist, the local council and the electricity company took their cut (well got their bills paid) there was a grand total of $15 left – let’s go splurge!

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