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5 Pet Peeves


I may be a little early here, our Tuesday may arrive ahead of the Tuesday of Moments that Define Life but I will be linking up with Nicole’s Listable Life when you American’s eventually catch up!

  1. People (and they know who they are) not putting the butter back in the fridge after they use it.
  2. People (the same ones who have a problem with the butter) using the last of the toilet paper and not putting a new roll in the holder.
  3. Homework. I’m doing more homework now than when I was AT school and seriously folks I’m over it (and we are only 6 weeks into the new school year).
  4. Television stations who muck around with their programming. Moving the times of my favourite shows (I have a schedule you know) and worse than that putting on one or two new episodes then sneaking repeats back in, if I’m a fan of the show I want the new stuff. I am the most obedient and loyal of viewers, leave me a cliffhanger I will be waiting with baited breath for the next instalment, I CARE about the characters you create and when you disregard my feelings I get hurt and start to lose interest – just warning you I may not be here when you finally decide to play the rest of the new eps.
  5. The automated system on bill paying/fault reporting/service centres lines. When I have a query and end up trapped in a neverending circle of robotic voices issuing useless instructions that don’t get me any closer to speaking to a real, live human being the insanity of the situation drives me bonkers.

What are your pet peeves?

Bago Vineyard

Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon at Bago Vineyard with friends listening to a local jazz band. Surprisingly a relatively drama free outing – well except for Princess Child losing a tooth and getting bitten twice by bull ants – but given our track record that’s a pretty good day out for us.

There was wine and cheese.

And the company of good friends.

Your Life In Six Words

Do you remember Ernest Hemingway’s short, short story. For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.? At the Smith Magazine Larry Smith used Hemingway’s story as inspiration and asked his readers to describe their lives in six words. It was supposed to be a month long competition but now five years later it’s still going strong.

Oprah Magazine ran an article on the six word memoir this month and there were some great ones in there. My personal favourite was Trudy Love Tantalo, 60 who came up with Was hot. Raised kids. Lost cool. Although kudos also goes to Kimberly Kilroy, 53 with Still fit into high school earrings. There were some particularly poignant ones as well, Melinda Hui, 38 Abandoned at 5. Learning to thrive. While Melanie Barbour, 34 shared Stage IV cancer made me live.

How would you define your life in six words?

I’m struggling with the task so far I’ve come up with a few.

Forward thinker, attracts chaos, tries hard.


Always making do while dreaming big.


Laughing through the insanity of life.

Will have to give it some thought and come back later with a more refined final version. In the meantime, what have you got? Six words, your life, go ….

The Leadership Issue

Dear Jules and Kev

Excuse me could I have your attention for a minute? Excuse me. Hello. CHILDREN WILL YOU STOP YOUR BICKERING FOR A MINUTE AND LISTEN.

Right, now that I’ve got your attention.

It seems we’ve got a bit of a situation happening. Obviously the two of you have issues, there is no denying it, but I think there’s a few things you need to consider.

I realise you have both made politics your life’s work. I understand that your daily world operates in the glass bubble of Canberra populated by politicians, bureaucrats and the media scrum. Where every person lives and breathes lobbying, deal making, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, strategy, leak this to make them look bad, spin, spin, spin, deny, deny, deny, oops changed my mind, count the numbers.

However, in what we lovingly call the real world people aren’t as obsessive. Out here the big issues include who’s getting the kids to soccer training this afternoon, who lost the coin toss and has to get time off work to make the orthodontist appointment and has anyone remembered to pay the phone bill?

We simply don’t have time to keep up with who has done what to whom in our country’s capital. The lucky among us have jobs to go to and bosses aren’t keen on us following the twitter debate in the time they are paying us to work. We don’t have a desktop radio to tune in to the press conferences the two of you are throwing together every second hour. Quiet frankly we are tired. We don’t have the energy to worry about your dummy spits when we have our own tantrum throwing children to discipline.

Here’s where we stand. We want honest and sincere representation. We want you to cut the bull**** and just tell us what you really believe not what you think we want to hear. We want bravery, politicians who have a policy that isn’t poll driven. We want folks in charge who we know care about people and consider the human impact of every decision they make.

In the land of the people we are freaking out about stuff like will the interest rates go up? Can we make this week’s pay stretch to cover the bills that need to be paid? We are passionate about our kids getting a good education (whether we can afford to pay for it or not). We want quality medical care even if we long ago ditched those private health insurance premiums. We worry that our jobs are secure and when we find they are not we want to know there are alternatives available other than the dole queue.

We want confidence that the people in charge are looking at the big picture and not just their own personal pride.

I hope you get it sorted and we know that getting it sorted means there will have to be a winner and a loser. Whoever the loser is has to just suck it up and either play nice or take their bat and ball and go home (not slink off to the backbench to sling insults from the rear).

In the meantime, note to the other side, we know you are waiting in the wings rubbing your hands with glee as your enemy self-destructs, but remember the stuff we want applies equally to you – honesty, bravery, care for others, education, health and jobs.


An overworked, overwrought constituent.